*shouts* Reese L + Ateneo = EPIC!

Today, we went to Ateneo de Manila University to conduct an interview with the Reese Lansangan for our Oral Communication project! Thanks for lending us your precious time!!! *SO HAPPY OH GOD*

So we traveled with the APC (ex)/Dormers and bro.

I was with Princess & Eloiza for the project. Kuya Miko, Kuya Bam & Kuya Ely (not in the pic) are the APC dormers :) We brought them to their school dorm in Makati then went our way to Ateneo de Manila!

Meeting place: Pizza Hut. Meeting with: Kuya AC, my GC buddy who’s a freshman in Ateneo. He accompanied us in Ateneo and he was our camera man in the interview. We had our lunch first!

And after that we hurried to Zen Garden to finally meet Reese Lansangan!!! Such a shame that we didn’t arrive there before her. We actually made her wait and that’s… embarrassing! We’re really really sorry!

So we had the interview (which was ok because Ms Reese was there but not, because we were so tensed that we forgot so much of our plan + camera being kinda faulty) and everything she said in the interview was forever inspiring! (I will be quoting her words!)

What can I say about her? She’s really really cute and pretty! She’s really nice and friendly even if me & my partner are awkward girls. She’s really humble and everything that she was wearing fits her perfectly. Forever fashion inspiration! <3333 I proudly say: I love herrrrr!!!! >:D<

 ^ I like this picture even if it’s blurry. Ughhh~

After the interview, we’re supposed to go home (ugh boring) but Ms Reese advised us to roam around and seize the day! So we did and it was so much fun! I actually like lying down in grasses because I see a lot of excellent photoshoots in vasts and greens. In our school we don’t have proper grasses for me to lie on so I grabbed the chance to lie on Ateneo Grasses! Oh-hoo~

We visited the church there :)

And had photo trippings on the road (photos will be in a different entry). We walked and walked and sat on the bleachers for a while… and had this amateur group picture. (Kuya Ac, me, Princess, Eloi)

And we went all the way to the gym to see this giant blue eagle and of course, to have our pictures taken with it! (Duh, it’s my dream school so0o0o0o0o)

After that we decided to go to Kuya AC’s place and on the way, we found this ‘woods’ spot and had some photo trippings as well. (pics = diff. entry) And in the middle of the ‘woods’, we found this enchanting water thing, which I don’t know how to address.

And we went to Kuya AC’s place and rested for awhile. Bid painful goodbyes (because we didn’t want to leave) and went home.

Bottomline: soakd;lksdjgdksflgjk ;lsoaksjd;jawpijwapd ja;sljkd;lgsdcantexplainsohappy


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